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Become an HABC Certified PIC

Competency Requirements of Certified Persons in Charge (PIC)

To become a Person in Charge certified in food safety, an individual must meet the following requirements:

  1. The person should be formally nominated as a PIC by the owner or management of the food business.
  2. Registered and authenticated as a Primary or Secondary PIC on the Foodwatch platform.
  3. Successfully completed the Dubai Municipality approved Basic Food Safety qualification.
  4. He or she should have basic language skills to read and write in English or Arabic with a minimum of high school level qualification.
  5. Able to communicate effectively in Arabic and/or English language and have basic skills to use mobile applications.
  6. Successfully complete Food Safety Department approved Person in Charge Certification training.
  7. Successfully passed a Food Safety Department approved Person in Charge Certification Examination & qualified for certification by the EIAC accredited certification body.

To obtain the Advanced Certification as a Person in Charge of establishments with specialized processes or activities such as catering, manufacturing etc. an individual must fulfil the following requirements in addition to the requirements listed above:

  1. Successfully complete the training on additional modules appropriate to the business activity as listed in Table 3 of the PIC scheme document.
  2. PICs with advanced qualifications in Food Safety or Food Safety Management System/HACCP can directly take the assessment without attending the training on additional modules.

Each certified Person in Charge shall receive a certificate valid for a period of five years from the date of issuance.

The Certified Person in Charge shall undergo a certified refresher training course before the end of the third year of initial certification or whenever the deficiency in the competency is observed.

Note: Requirements pertaining to refresher courses and re-certification will be provided in the subsequent editions of the PIC scheme document


Person in Charge Registration Form

It is a requirement without exception that any individual wishing to become a Person in Charge to complete the Person in Charge Registration Form. The candidate has to complete all the fields, read carefully and understand the declaration and use of the certification and sign the form before starting the training. HABC MEA staff will review this registration form before the examination and process the information for the candidate records.

Person in Charge Registration Form

For further information please contact:

HABC MEA PIC Department

Building no B/P 47
Office Unit no 107
Dubai Healthcare City

Contact telephone number:

00 9714 449 4042



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