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Improving Food Safety

Highfield has been a driving force for improving food safety standards for 40 years. In addition to creating some of the world's leading food hygiene training resources, such as Hygiene for Management, Hygiene Sense and the Food Safety Handbook, we've also developed market-leading qualifications focused on this very subject. 

However, there's always more we can do. Food safety is an extremely important topic, and can often be a matter of life or death when basic principles are overlooked or completely ignored.

Please see below the start of our series of expert-written articles covering the topic of improving food safety standards. Please feel free to share these articles with colleagues and/or students.

We also invite you to use your own expertise to help us further raise standards by sending us your own article covering the topic of improving food safety. Should we feature your article on the site and in the Highfield Food Safety Forum, we'll give you £200/1,000 AED of Highfield credit to spend on whatever you wish. We also invite you to join in on the conversations in the Highfield Food Safety Forum and keep up to date on the latest news, events and developments within the food industry.

Expert Articles