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Requirements for Training Companies

  • Individuals as well as companies may gain approval as trainers of food safety training provided that the individual themselves or companies with at least one person with the knowledge, experience and skills meet the criteria set out in section 4 of the PIC Certification scheme document.
  • Training companies shall be approved for a period of one year unless the approval is revoked earlier by the Food Safety Department or surrendered by the company.
  • Training companies shall have a valid trade license and permit from concerned local authorities with appropriate business activity related to food safety. The other activities on the license must not conflict with the scope of the training activity.
  • Training companies must have adequate systems and resources in place – including staff and, where appropriate, equipment, materials and software to support the delivery of the training programs. They must ensure that their staffs are competent with appropriate knowledge & skills.
  • Training companies must notify the Food Safety Department and Certification body at least one week before the training schedule date along with the management representative’s name, trainer name, training course location and detail of trainees.
  • Training companies must use the Food Safety Department approved training material provided by the Certification bodies.
  • Training companies must always adhere to the quality process and procedures of the Food Safety Department and the Certification Body.


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