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A Message from the Director of the Food Control Department

Food safety is a critical part of operating a food business. Illnesses resulting from improper food handling and preparation result in unnecessary human suffering and serious financial loss. Operating a safe, sanitary food establishment with a good food safety culture can help to prevent these illnesses and makes good economic sense. A well-run operation protects public health, reduces food waste, attracts customers and reduces the risk of negative publicity.

The Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality is dedicated to ensuring that your establishment provides safe food to your customers. Inspections and training programmes are provided to help prevent problems occurring within your food establishment. Before you begin your operation, the Officers at the Department are available to assist you. By performing the required review of your facility plans and proposed menu, they will help ensure that your equipment, refrigeration and sanitary facilities are sufficient for your needs. Later, the Food Inspection officers assist by providing information and advice to you and your staff during inspections of your facility. The Department reviews, approves, monitors and audits individuals, organisations and companies who provide consultation and training programmes in food safety.

The Dubai Municipality/Highfield developed PIC Food Safety Handbook will provide you with practical guidance on how to comply with the food safety regulations in the Emirate of Dubai. The government and the food industry share that responsibility to ensure food safety. Following the regulations will ensure a well-run, economically sensitive operation, as well as providing for the protection of the public health.


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