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Lifeguard Candidates and Registration


The following is the minimum prerequisites for each lifeguard candidate to have to enrol for a lifeguard course:

  1. Be at least 16 years old.
  2. Be able to swim continuously in a strong manner for:
    1. 50m nonstop in a comfortable manner, for shallow water lifeguard in under 1.5m depth.
    2. 100m nonstop in a comfortable manner for a pool lifeguard in over 1.5m depth
    3. 200m nonstop in a comfortable manner for a beach/waterfront lifeguard
  3. Perform a surface dive and recover a 4 kg weight at a depth of:
    1. 1.5m for a shallow water lifeguard, where shallow water means that the depth is a maximum 1.5m
    2. 3m, or to the deepest depth of the facility in which they will be lifeguarding for a pool lifeguard, where pools means that the depth is more than 1.5m
    3. 5m for beach/waterfront lifeguard.
  4. Be able to tread water for at least:
    1. 5 minutes for pool lifeguards
    2. 10 minutes for beach lifeguards

Prerequisites, set by the accredited certification body, may exceed those listed above, but will not fall short of it.

Candidate Registration

It is a requirement that each person wishing to be certificated as a lifeguard must complete and sign a registration form, including those who are going to retake the examination, with the following documents attached:

  • Passport copy with visa resident page/EID/Labour Card (or valid ID issued by the relevant government)
  • Coloured photograph (35mmx45mm) not older than 6 months and not a digital photograph
  • Proof of training (if relevant)
  • Evidence of work experience

The training centre must assure the form is completed after the candidate has been assessed and accepted.

These registration forms and the complete documentation requested have to be sent to Highfield before the examination date or given to the Highfield Examiner in a sealed envelope.

For the registration form follow this link: