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Lifeguard Instructor/Trainer Candidates


The following are the prerequisites for each lifeguard instructor candidate to have to enrol for a lifeguard instructor course:

  1. be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have a proof of lifeguard qualification, in the field of the lifeguard that they wish to become an instructor on with the same training agency
  3. have a valid basic life support (BLS) and first-aid qualification/training approved by Dubai Corporation and Ambulance Service (DCAS)
  4. Proof of experience as a lifeguard for at least 2 years.

Minimum lifeguard instructor/trainer candidate training requirement:

The lifeguard instructor candidate shall be trained on teaching techniques in the theory and practical aspects of each skill they wish to become an instructor in. This should be backed up with probationary co-teaching and mentoring with a fully qualified and experienced trainer.

Minimum education requirements:

High-school graduate.

Certification requirement and validity:

All candidates are required to pass both written and practical examinations. The practical examination specialties correspond to the written exam specialties.

To be eligible for lifeguard instructor certification, candidates must:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have a valid BLS/first-aid trainer qualification
  • have a valid occupational health card from the local health authority in the place they intend to work
  • comply with the PHSD Substance Abuse Policy
  • pass theory, written examinations in the intended speciality
  • pass practical examination(s)
  • comply with the PHSD code of ethics
  • attend a lifeguard instructor trainer course from the same certification agency

Candidates may take their practical exams after they successfully passed the written exams, it can be in either order.

Candidates have 30 days from the examination day to pass both the theory and practical exam/s.

The lifeguard instructor/trainer qualification is valid as per the international organisation standard.

Identification at the test site

In addition to the registration form, candidates must bring photo identification to the test site on the day of the test administration. Candidates may be required to sign the test site roster upon entry to the testing area.

Acceptable forms of photo identification are:

  • passport
  • government–issued driver’s licence
  • work identification
  • Emirates I.D.