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Richard Sprenger


Richard Sprenger - Chairman - Highfield Group

Richard and his wife of over 40 years, Jayne, founded Highfield in 1982.

Richard is chairman of the board and manages the expansion of Highfield across the Middle East and Asia. He ensures that the board works effectively and implements Highfield’s strategies, goals, values and standards. The board ultimately ensures that Highfield has sufficient human and financial resources to achieve its objectives, as well as managing and reviewing policies and management performance.

Richard’s 50-year career has been a commitment to improving global food safety and assisting food businesses, governments and enforcement officers to implement the highest standards – based on science – to minimise the risk of food poisoning. He has been instrumental in establishing the Person in Charge programme in Dubai, and has recently developed two new certified food safety programmes suitable for delivery across the world.

Hobbies and Interests: 

Richard’s main interest is his family and 10 grandchildren. He exercises for 90 minutes a day and enjoys watching many sports.

His lifelong hobby is writing food safety books and training materials, but he also enjoys reading historical fiction and crime thrillers.

Contact Richard: 

T: +971 4 449 4042