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Highfield InEd Testimonials

While still in the early stages we have received a range of comments from innovative schools that could clearly identify the benefits of Highfield InEd.

"I found the e-learning courses easy to read, follow and complete."
Year 10 student

"Learning on-screen was an enjoyable experience and a great alternative to using books and the way we currently study."
Year 11 student

"I'm really excited about the fact that I can get other qualifications that I can put on my CV, aside from GCSEs."
Year 11 student

"Highfield InEd is an adaptable and easy programme to implement with both the online and book-based resources. It offers variation in the way we deliver content to multiple year groups."
Head of Year 12

"These qualifications help prepare our students for workplace experience and also develop their skills for life outside of school."
Leader of Enrichment & Careers Guidance